Long Life Engine Oils for Natural Gas Engines

Our SENTRON CG 40 Gas Engine Oil provides long-lasting equipment protection. The extended drain interval can reduce maintenance, provide savings and keep engine parts clean. Are you looking for a solution to rising business costs in the current economic climate? If you are running Caterpillar, MWM, Deutz, Cooper, Cummins, GE Jenbacher, GE Waukesha, MAN, MTU, Perkins or Tedom Gas Engines and are suffering from rising costs then Lubricants SW can help!

Would fewer change-outs, improved operational efficiency, less downtime, improved oxidation performance and less waste oil to dispose of be any benefit to you?

About SENTRON CG 40 Gas Engine Oil

What others see as challenges, we see as opportunities. Uniquely formulated for 4-stroke engines in severe service operations, SENTRON CG 40 and CG 40 PLUS lubricants withstand the pressures that come from running contaminated gas applications, to deliver outstanding anti-wear protection for your engine.

We use the HT Purity Process, which produces 99.9% pure, crystal-clear base oils. Together with a unique combination of additives, this one-two punch gives SENTRON CG 40/CG 40 PLUS maximum performance and protection against rust and corrosion.

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What does this mean for you?

Longer engine life, extended drain intervals and less downtime are all benefits of this product. It is
suitable for use against many Original Engine Manufacturer (OEM) specifications (0.52% wt ash). SENTRON CG40 PLUS hydrocracked lubricants offer improved oxidation performance that protects against varnish, sludge, and carbon deposits. For applications where higher ash content is desired, SENTRON CG40 is a Mid Ash (~0.9% Ash) product that also protects against varnish, sludge, and carbon deposits.

Uniquely formulated for 4-stroke cycle gas engines running in severe service, such as co-generation, halogen landfill or biogas operations, SENTRON CG 40/CG 40 PLUS can withstand the pressures that come from running contaminated gas applications and problems caused by high halogen gas levels, especially where higher BMEP engines are used.

Deploy your best defence with SENTRON CG 40/CG 40 PLUS. They give exceptional performance in turbo-charged, lean-burn and naturally aspirated gas engines. SENTRON CG 40 PLUS is also suitable for use in engines equipped with catalytic converters, leading to fewer change-outs for reduced environmental impact and lower lubrication and oil disposal costs.

Bio Gas Engines: Customer Story

When the largest independent cheese company in Somerset installed biogas engines at their site, they were told to change the engine oil every 500 hours. This was costing them a fortune in oil, downtime, and waste oil disposal. We, therefore, approached them and offered them a controlled trial with the SENTRON CG40 in order for them to extend the time between oil changes. They readily agreed to do this, after which, we then set about taking a base oil sample of the SENTRON CG40 and gradually build up the hours, while taking regular oil sampling. Once the oil had reached 8000 hours, the base numbers had just started to change so the customer decided with our recommendation that it was time to change the oil. What a difference – from 500 hours to 8000 hours with no detrimental effect on the engine, not to mention improving the cleanliness of the piston heads!

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